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Scheduling & Dispatching

Have an organized schedule that allows you to maximize bookings and service more customers. Make smart scheduling decisions with service scheduling software that helps you easily manage and assign work schedules in just a few clicks.

  • Easily create new jobs and assign techs
  • Notify & dispatch team members in real-time
  • Manage time, location, and other job details
  • Lookup job & customer history on any device

Estimates, Invoices & Payments

Send digital estimates for your customers to approve so you can book jobs from anywhere. Then, you can close more sales and get paid quickly.

  • Convert estimates to work orders and invoices
  • Take credit cards, debit, ACH & track checks/cash
  • Offer competitive consumer financing
  • Sync with Quickbooks Online or Quickbooks Desktop
Pro providing appliance repair services
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Customer Experience

  • Send custom texts & auto-notifications
  • Provide detailed proposals with pictures
  • Offer recurring service agreements
  • Automatically send review requests


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Appliance repair software FAQ

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Address
  • Equipment at the customer’s location, including model and serial numbers
  • Service and installation information
  • Photos of equipment

Asking appliance service customers to review your service can be tricky. It’s best to get in the habit of asking customers for a review after every service, and you can make it easier on yourself by using an automated service to request reviews on your behalf.

The Housecall Pro reviews feature makes it simple to ask customers for reviews automatically and to control where those reviews show up online.

Housecall Pro helps you automatically send thank you postcards to customers. Your thank you cards can follow a simple format:

  • Greeting — Address and thank the customer for their business
  • Information — Brief details about other services you offer for the future. If customers don’t know what you offer, they might go somewhere else for a service you can perform 

Contact information — Make sure that customers can get in touch with you again

To bid appliance repair jobs, you should:

  • Store the customer’s info in Housecall Pro
  • Visit the customer’s address or do a virtual estimate
  • Fill in an estimate or sales proposal using Housecall Pro 
  • Email or text the estimate directly to the customer
  • Get notified via email when the customer approves your bid, and easily turn the approved bid into a job

Based on the specific services your business offers, your standard recurring service agreement could follow a variety of formats. Generally, all maintenance agreements should include the following components:
Services Provided — Specify the type and scope of your services along with any additional details. Will you be providing recurring maintenance at your customer’s home each month, or does the nature of your work only require you to respond to issues as needed? How much will your customers pay for these services, and when does the agreement expire?
Performance Standards — Providing a consistent level of service is key to delivering on your recurring service agreement. What kind of quality can your customers expect from your services? Define the specific standards your work will live up to and detail any processes your techs will use to assess the completion of a project.
Monitoring and Reporting — Will you provide regular inspections or auditing services as part of your recurring service agreement? If so, explain how your techs will collect that data and whether customers will have access to it.
Emergencies — Give your customers peace of mind with an action plan in case an emergency strikes. Set expectations by defining how quickly customers can expect an emergency response and how rapidly issues are likely to be resolved.